The baby bear of bags: not too big, not too small but just right!
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I'm looking for recommendations to replace my Foerenkla shoulder bag. I would like something similar in type (cross body with zippered pockets), size (medium!) and materials (canvas/fabric) but maybe a big less casual. I am starting a new job next week so I'm willing to spend a bit and maybe get something besides basic black as a present to myself! Tom Bihn? Chrome? Timbuk2? is the perfect bag out there?
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I love the TB Cafe Bags (there are two sizes). They have also just introduced a new bag called the Icon that you might like which is sized in between the two.
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I have a Tom Bihn Co Pilot, which I upgraded to after some years with a medium Cafe bag as my EDC. It's much more structured, looks professional, and holds its shape very well. That said, you'll want to look at the particular structure of it to see if it's a good fit.

I use the large pocket for carrying my DSLR and lenses in a Ape Case insert, as well as other miscellaneous gear. The smaller pickets I use for my keys, wallet, garage card, pens, screwdriver, and a small nylon shopping bag for Trader Joe's.

The middle water bottle pocket I use for my sunglasses in case.

I also have the upgraded strap which is extremely comfortable.
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Also, I should say that it's my Goldilocks bag in that it's a bit larger than the medium Cafe bag but only a bit... I don't need to carry a laptop and I find the size of bags that carry laptops to be obnoxious.

While Tom Bihn bags are not always the most stylish you can find the construction quality is completely unmatched. You can buy a $200 bag that will fall apart within a year, or you can buy a $200 Tom Bihn which will never die.
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Nthing the Tom Bihn love! I adore the bag I bought from them in 2008, which I use all the time for work but still looks close to brand new -- though, to be honest, I'm a little annoyed at how well it's held up as the newer designs look amazing but I can't personally justify having a second buy-it-for-life messenger bag. If you can find a style that fits your needs, you're in for a real treat.
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I’ve been eyeing this bag (Lug Moped), which seems to match your description as well. I admit that I doubt it has the longevity people are describing for Tom Bihn bags, but if you’re looking for something at a lower price point...
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Weird, I was just having this conversation in a different forum the other day. Candidates mentioned included: Maybe there's something in there you'd find useful.
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Baggallini, especially this beauty – superb organization, looks, durability
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New Tom Bihn bag comes out on Monday (Icon) that seems like a good fit.
Love the rainbow zipper option! Alphaviolet/wasabi is also hot.
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I tried to order the Icon (at exactly 8am!) And was unsuccessful! 😢 Will try again at 1pm. 🤞
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I saw a post on the Tom Bihn forums that said the email notification that stock was up was sent a few minutes before 8am, so it looks like some people got the jump on the new stock! Try signing up for the email, or just check the site a wee bit earlier for the second round?

Good luck!
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Missed the 1pm order window as well.

I sorta hate Tom Bihn now. He has broken my heart. I'm afraid I'll wait until mid-December and still end up purse-less. Ack.

So more suggestions welcome despite marking best answer on the Icon suggestions.
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Hey - looks like two colors are in stock right now!
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There are 5 colors of the Icon in stock right now, hopefully one of those is the one you wanted! The other 4 colors are in production.

Also I caved and bought another messenger bag from them despite saying I couldn't justify it earlier in this! very! thread! but I REGRET NOTHING. It was worth the purchase and slow wait to get it from a very overloaded UPS.
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Hey all, I ordered (and received in 2 days!) a gray Icon last week. Yay! And my husband bought me a leather purse. I'm going to have to learn how to be one of those more-than-one-bag people.
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