Trying to find the theme song for Ninguém Tá Olhando (Nobody’s Looking)
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One cat has a theme song and the other has proven more challenging. Bear with me here... Yes. We’re those weirdos who have cats and write theme songs for them. Or at least, we have a theme song for one, and have been trying to write one for the other cat for a couple of years (man, the more I try to explain/describe this, the dumber I feel)...

We discovered the new Brazilian Netflix show Ninguém Tá Olhando (Nobody’s Looking), and the theme song is the perfect jumping off point for this endeavor, but we can’t find the whole thing anywhere.

Credits show original music by Guilherme and Gustavo Garbato, but searching for them didn’t get us there.

Hope us, Metafilter!
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I can’t help at all, I just wanted to say that I love this! (Uh, I should also probably mention that both my kids have theme songs and they’re now old enough to sing them, so there’s at least one weirdo out there in the world like you!)
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Dear fellow cat theme song writer (forgive me for linking to the
spy theme about my kittens that I recorded--they're old cats now),

It turns out I have one facebook friend in common with them, so hopefully my message won't go into the dungeon mailbox. We'll see if they can send it or link to it.
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The music for the series was written by Guilherme and Gustavo Garbato. Their website has a link to the series but only on the Brazilian version of the site - the English version has a marker where Nobody's Looking appears on the Brazilian version.

Anyway, that might be a starting point for you to find your cat's theme song.

Previous cats of mine have had their own songs, but so far Rudi has yet to find his theme.
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umbú: oh thank you! And Ms. Fu and I laughed with your lovely song for your kittens! Much higher production than we have yet achieved.
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