Programming Minecraft Characters on XBox One
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My daughter has recently gotten into Minecraft. She's begun using command blocks to automate and spawn some things. Now we'd like to make a village where people do and say certain things, like a game. Is this possible on XBox One?

Minecraft, as I'm learning, has multiple editions. Some editions allow more advanced syntax for things like tags. All the examples I've found so far for controlling characters involves using these tags or other advanced syntax that always results in "Syntax Error" on the XBox One.

Can anyone point me to any good resources or techniques that we could use to make a kind of "scripted" village? Ideally, the characters in this village can do three things:

1. They will say certain things when a person comes within range
2. They will move to and fro according to some rules we program
3. They can give a person any item we choose

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I should also clarify that we're running the latest "Bedrock Edition" on XBox one.
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