Dry non-mint mouthwash for travel?
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I love Listerine orange, but would like to have an alternative that for travel that won't leak and take up so much space.

I'm not a fan of super-minty mouthwash, which is why I like the orange Listerine. I tried a couple of the Lush mouthwash tabs and they were awful-tasting if likely effective. Any suggestions from travelers or backpackers?
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Baking soda & water
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Do you have a liquor flask that is not in use? being relatively small and flattish, they pack easily. Oh and I just thought of those flat plastic expandable bottles - my wife has one that she puts in her backpack and it has held up well.Hers is kinda like this
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Georganics makes mouthwash tablets, including an orange-flavored one. At Amazon, too.
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ACT makes a cinnamon version. When I had braces, I got it in small travel sizes from my orthodontist.
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How about using listerine orange in a leak-proof travel bottle?
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Not sure what size of travel bottle you're looking for but just buy one of the travel sized 3ish oz/100mL Listerines in the travel size section of your local drug store, dump it (or use it) and refill it with your preferred Listerine mouthwash.
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I tried some of the Listerine breath strips, they are not as minty as the liquid, and they seem to work pretty well. Best choice. The issue with liquid is that it just weighs too much: three weeks of mouthwash is almost a pound. Thanks, everyone!
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