ISO "The Times They Are A-Changin'" Broadway show (i swear) full video
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In 2006, for one blessed fever dream of a month, Broadway was blessed with a Twyla Tharp choreographed Bob Dylan jukebox musical called The Times They Are A-Changin'. Please help me watch the whole thing.

This is the only solid video evidence of this debacle that I can find online.

If I could find the whole show somewhere my wife would be unspeakably happy and I would be a household HERO. My limited computer knowledge and google skills have turned up like one more short video , but the way this video looks makes it really seem like the whole show was filmed!

Does anyone have insider knowledge as to where a secret repository of full recordings of shows that bombed might live? We need to see this whole thing. I mean... have you just watched the above linked videos and now don't you need to see it too???

Please assist!

(here's a fun review)
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Does anyone have insider knowledge as to where a secret repository of full recordings of shows that bombed might live?

The Theatre on Film and Tape Archive at the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center, which has some access restrictions and you likely need an appointment and can only see it once, in person at the library only (these policies are part of the deal with the unions to allow recording of the performances, keep live theater live) is exactly that kind of secret repository. It seems like their fickleness for exactly how legitimate your research purpose needs to appear to gain access depends on who happens to be working that day.

The problem is that I'm not seeing "The Times They Are A-Changin" in the catalog. There's a collection of clippings about the show, which could be of some interest, and I might be misusing the catalog search, so I'd contact the librarians to check whether they have it, as their website says the complete catalog isn't even online. It's possible that it didn't run long enough to be recorded for the archive.

I worked on a youth theater Bob Dylan revue (remarkably, actually licensed and authorized by Dylan's management) once upon a time, so I'm fascinated by this question.
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Oh wow Zachlipton, what a cool answer, thank you! That's so interesting. I was guessing at first that it wasn't on long enough to be recorded, hence the only footage being a performance on The View. But then the video on Twyla Tharp's website looks like it was shot in a way that would be weird to only shoot one piece of it, as if maybe it does exist somewhere! Regardless of whether or not I do wind up finding this, I am glad to learn of the library's store of shows!
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Library- emailed! wish me luck!!!
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OH GOD, I remember when this came out! It looked like the worst thing ever made. I am very excited for you to find this. Please let us know if the librarians are able to find it!
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