Calling photojournalism buffs... and everyone else too
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I'm trying to round up some examples of emotionally powerful photo-centered profiles of individuals, families, or groups that also incorporate text in a limited but meaningful way. Do you have any?

I am looking for examples of how people have used photographs to tell a story about individuals or groups. I DO want examples to also incorporate text interwoven through the photos but keep the photos as the primary focus. For the purposes of this question, I am particularly interested in how the text works with the images rather than whether the images themselves are incredible.

I am especially looking for examples that focus on current events and try to humanize groups in the news (for example, refugees or youth in the foster system). I want examples where the photos and the limited text can stand alone, rather than being part of a longer article or a news story.

Hopefully that's enough explanation-- I'll try to clarify if it feels like people aren't understanding. Open to a wide variety of examples, really looking for anything that broadly fits and has struck an emotional chord with you all or stuck in your minds.

Thank you!
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I just saw an exhibition by Alexander Chekmenev, stunning Photography and his own texts.
Click on the thumb nails to avoid Times paywall.
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Here's Darren Calabrese who did an amazing story about athlete Lindsay Hilton. Pretty good use of quotes from the subject, along with a caption that explains what's going on in the photo.
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Wisconsin Death Trip
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This photo essay that follows two students in NYC as they navigate housing insecurity with their families was really powerful.
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The things they carried, an MetaFilter post that groups a few sets of photos of items left behind by people moving through spaces, primarily what migrants leave behind at the Mexico/US border, and comparing them against items stolen or left behind by holocaust victims.
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