Moving Past the Samsung S7
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I'm going to need a new phone probably sooner rather than later. I had a Samsung S4 that I loved. I currently have a Samsung S7 that I love but not as much as the S4. What should my next phone be?

Android recommendations only, please. I am not especially tied to Samsung as a brand, but I would want to make sure my SD card and all my contact info and apps can be moved over easily to my next phone when I get it eventually.

I use my phone mostly for email, social media browsing, picture taking, internet access, and texting. I have a few game apps that I use but not many and none that require a ton of space or support. Phone company is AT&T, should that matter.
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I'm a big fan of the Samsung Note series. I currently have an 8 and have had every model since 2. The Note 7 was an incredible phone and the best I ever owned. The 8 is a very close second.

It can take a MicroSD card but the drive on phones these days are very large so hardly needed. I wouldn't be a stickler for that feature if I were you. Just get a big enough drive and plug the card into the phone with a $10 adapter when you first get it and copy everything over and never worry about it again.

Great things about the Note line:

- stylus
- best screen on the market
- great battery life
- up until the 9, you could attach a VR headset, which is amazing for movies
- you can hook it up to an external monitor (google Samsung Dex)
- you can plug in external hard drives. For instance, I have a T5, which is 500gb and the size of a matchbox. plugs right into my laptop and my phone with the same cable.
- USB C so if you have other USB C devices they can all use the same charger. For instance, my laptop, phone, and headphones use the same charger, which is great when I travel.
- Available in dual sim mode if that's a feature you require
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I'm in love with my Samsung Note 9
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My phone (Moto Pure Play) is sadly dying. I spent time on GSMArena where you can search by lots of features and price. It's overwhelming to shop Android phones, but I was able to narrow it down with their search. Ordered a Moto G7 Power for @ 175. Big battery, pretty good camera, FM Radio. I didn't decide quickly enough to get a Pixel 3XL on sale at Best Buy; that looked pretty great. Google has a sale on Pixels, but you have to migrate to Google Fi, which looks like good service/value. My provider is RepublicWireless, they're fine, not feeling the need to change.

Kind of wish I'd read this 1st, but my budget is not great right now.
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I have the galaxy 8, an upgrade from my 5. I'm really happy with it. USB c charging and still has a headphone jack. The camera is excellent. I've had galaxy phones since 2012 and I plan to stick with them for my next upgrade.
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I just splurged on the Note 10 and have absolutely no regrets. It powers up in seconds, recharges quickly, has a great camera (and camera app), and I love the stylus. And the battery life is soooooo much better than that of my old S6.

The 10 is a wee bit smaller than the 10+, which is nice for those of us with small hands.
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I used the first galaxy s series phone when it was just s. Then had the s3, s6, s7 and now the s10. The s3 was a good and trusty phone I used up until last year basically after rooting it and installing CyanogenMod before it became LineageOS.

The s6 shut off randomly and sucked because you cannot replace the battery. Same for the later iterations, this is a new thing and it's lame. The s7 was ok but a bit large for my liking, although the "edge" was kinda neat, kinda infuriating sometimes.

The s10 is an insane amount of money that I still cant believe I spent that much on it. But it's reliable and charges fast with the battery lasting a fair bit. It's a smaller size more comparable to the s3 than the others and it looks pretty good.

There are a few things I dont like but thats because google/android and privacy concerns, but its nice having a reliable phone.
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Response by poster: Update in case anyone needs to adjust their answers: My S7 is officially borked, which now means getting a new phone as soon as possible tomorrow in a brick and mortar. I cannot wait for a new one to be shipped.
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I've gone S3, S6 and S10 now (yay intra-EU imports lowering that price). Very happy with my S10 once I put a silicone case on it to prevent myself from touching the edges too much. The display and the camera are amazing.
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I have a Moto g7 power, I ordered one but my husband got one at Best buy pickup. There aren't a ton of cases but it hits the sweet spot of affordable enough and battery life. The camera is reasonably good but we also have a digital camera so it isn't our file camera.
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Response by poster: And the winner was the Samsung A20 S. Brand new and for under $300 out of pocket. Next to no bloatware and serves my needs quite well.
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