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HTML/PHP/XML to PDF: How should I convert an active webpage to PDF format?

I am having Joe User fill out a form, with the results to be pasted into an existing document (example: a contract where names, dates, etc will be plugged in). I want to obviously display this in the browser as the resulting HTML document (which is not the issue), but also have it assembled as a PDF that can be emailed. What would be the easiest way to make this happen?
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start with fpdf,
add html2pdf, PDML (my favorite, tho not html, but a template language), or xhtml2pdf
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Also look at HTMLDOC, if your page structure isn't too complicated usually a run through HTMLDOC will make a halfway decent PDF. That way you can use the same code to generate both the HTML and PDF output: the PDF is just the HTML piped through HTMLDOC.
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The best approach is to probably ask Adobe to do the conversion for you.

Adobe CreatePdf is a free online service that converts any webpage or Microsoft Document to PDF for free.

And here's a list of PDF Tools that are either free or much cheaper than Acrobat.
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Ros PDF is nice and simple.
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