Dairy-free, make-ahead savory breakfasts
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What are some delicious, dairy-free, savory breakfast casseroles or similar items that can be batch-cooked in advance and reheated? No other dietary restrictions; meat and eggs are fine.
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This vegetable frittata seems to fit the bill. Looks very adaptable to seasonal vegetables, too (caveat: I haven't made this, it's just been staring me in the face in my saved recipes folder).
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Forever beating the drum for congee... basically a flexible rice porridge that you can throw anything into, ie leftovers. My version is rice + 8 cups of water, boil then simmer covered for one hour. With 15 minutes left to cook time, add (raw) chicken thighs cut into bite size chunks and two handfuls of dried mushrooms (if using fresh, reduce amount of water). Serve warm with a spoonful of grated ginger, 1/4c chopped scallions, and two chopped hard boiled eggs. Salt to taste.
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I regularly make a frittata that lasts a week - this master recipe is basically what I do but it's never even occurred to me to use milk, so feel free to just leave that out. I've made it with veggies (onions + mushrooms + wilted-and-squeezed spinach is my go-to), with sausage (saute the sausage and, if necessary, drain some of the fat off first) and whatever happens to be in my fridge. Reheats nicely, keeps well.
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Breakfast burritos freeze really well. Most recipes include cheese, but I'm lactose intolerant so I usually make them without it. You can use any combination of scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage, hash browns/other potatoes, veggies, or really anything that sounds appealing.
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You could make a dairy free savory breakfast bread pudding. Basically, soak bread with beaten eggs and maybe a plant milk, but I’m not sure you’d even need that. Mix with sausage, caramelized onions, whatever veggies suit your fancy. I’d probably figure out a way to mix some nutritional yeast in there too, but that’s because I (a dairy lover from Wisconsin) love cheese and would be looking for something to replace that. Put in a greased casserole dish and bake at 350F about 40ish minutes or until it’s set and browned on top.

Edit: freeze after baking and reheat
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Best answer: Chef John's sausage rolls.

You can buy sausage instead of making it yourself as described. The puff pasty will be high fat, probably butter. If that's unacceptable, use a non-dairy biscuit dough recipe.
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Not exactly an answer to your question, but in Egypt and many other places in the Magreb/ME, it's normal to eat ful medames for breakfast, and it's something that is fine heated from a can with a little dressing up. It's my savory breakfast in a hurry solution.
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I like Upma, Pongal and other such South Indian stuff. Of course, no ghee if you need it dairy free. :)

I also second the Shakshouka and Ful Medamas.
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Breakfast nachos (they're vegan, I'm sure you could un-veganize them in whichever ways you prefer)

If you get tired of egg-based breakfasts, these mini quiches are tofu-based, ridiculously easy, and really good (add sausage!).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I've best answered the recipe that looks the most delicious to me, but there are lots of great options here. And yes, dairy-free means no butter, so I appreciate the inclusion of a recipe that includes alternative options. (I know I could theoretically just sub shortening/lard and a nut/soy/oat milk for butter and milk, respectively, but the recipes are helpful to confirm the correct quantities.)
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Response by poster: And now coming back to update that the sausage rolls were indeed very delicious. Pillsbury's crescent rolls are dairy-free and made a great substitute for puff pastry in this recipe.
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