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Anyone know anything about

Inspired by an earlier post about investment schemes, I'm curious to know whether anyone has an experience with or knowledge of I know, I know -- if it seems to good to be true, it probably is, and this one requires a substantial investment. One of my dad's friends has started participating in it though, and seems to think that it's totally legitimate (and profitable!). I can't find any independent information on this elsewhere on the internet, so I'm looking to you all. Anyone involved? Anyone have any insight on programs utilizing foreign exchange trading generally?
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My first instinct is to say, in my best stoner voice: "Freedom Rock?? Hey man, turn that up!!!"


But, seriously, this quacks like a duck, smells like a duck, etc etc. You pay a large sum up front, which is a big red flag. You're given a bunch of claims that you'll make a ton of money (ala "Financial Freedom", a phrase I just hate), which is another red flag. No investment firm worth its salt is going to work through this torturous business model.

It may be legal (which is doubtful), but it's definitely gaming on the wrong end of the scale.

This reminds me a lot of the World Currency Cartel.
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This has hoax written all over it. Any "investment" plan where you are told exactly what to do and are guaranteed profits is only an investment in scammery.
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One of my dad's friends has started participating in it though, and seems to think that it's totally legitimate (and profitable!).

Is it profitable, or does he just seem to think it would be? Whatever the answer, ask him again in three months. And thank yourself for not suspending your disbelief.
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You spend your life reading about get-rich-quick schemes and 419 scams, and you figure that only happens to people who are stupid, greedy, or gullible. You think, "I know people who would fall for that, but I also know people who never would." There's nothing quite like the surprise you feel when you realize you were wrong about the second part.
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Netsol says:
Mark Vincellette
2559 Plaza Del Amo #116
Torrance, CA 90503
Phone: +1.8779990690
Fax..: 877-999-0690

CA business search has zip on both contact name and the business.

This has MLM written all over it. (referral/signup, monthly renewal, "cycle bonus", "POWER OF THE INTERNET", "bronze/silver/GOLD" levels)

Even a cursory Google search screams "Fuck no". Seriously.
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The bottom line is that forex trading is lucrative, but the only way to succeed is not through a shortcut - like someone selling their "system" for a couple of thousand dollars, but through your own thorough study and analysis. No shortcuts exist that work longer than very short-term. The market is always changing.

p.s. their name reeks of medicine show scammery - that alone should scare you away.
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Interesting blog. FreedomRocks is relatively new. The forex version was launched in November of 05. I'm a little puzzled as to why you think it requires a large down payment. FreedomRocks rents its software for $100 a month with a $45 registration the first month. Most of its competitors do charge from $2-4,000 up front. ie. FX Trainer, or Forex Made Easy. FreedomRocks has no upfront loading. It seems they feel once you use their software, you won't go away. They must be very proud of their product.

The forex market is very risky for a new investor. FreedomRocks thru FX Solutions offers a free $10,000 account to play with using their software. Once you are fully experienced with the software, you can use your own money. Take a few months to be sure, however.

If you want, you can find more information at
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What *is* forex trading? Forigen exchange?
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Forex is short for Forein Exchange that is, the exchange of the US Dollar and the Euro Dollar as an example. This market trades over 2 billion each day and is open 24 hours. I'm not sure why that would be considered a scam. Please enlighten me.
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Just for the record, FreedomRocks does nothing in predicting what stocks to buy. Not sure where you got that. Watching too many movies I guess.
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Interesting blog. FreedomRocks is relatively new.

This is what we, in the business of playing on the real internet, call a "Fakimonial".
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MetaTalk thread. upline appears to be a FreedomRocks affiliate.
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Wikipedia article on forex scams
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I have been looking at voicemail broadcasting systems. Most are quite expensive to get started like Gold Calling or Phone Power. They run between $1500-$2000 upfront. I ran across a new plan at Their price is only $29.95 a month and no up front fees. I am now using the system and it works great. They have other tools as well in that price. Check it out if you want.
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