Online vocal coaching?
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Have you ever used an online vocal coach? How did it work out for you? I'm hoping to find a singing coach and it seems like there's a lot of new online options for this, but I'm not sure if that's the best way to go about this. Recommendations for online or in-person coaches in the SF East Bay are welcome.

I did musical theater from ages 9 to 18, and was the lead vocalist for several bands afterwards, so I'm not without training. However, about ten years ago I had a serious exposure to black mold which left me with a chronic cough. My throat, lungs, and voice never really recovered after that first terrible year.

I still have good diaphragm projection and breath control, though I can't hold notes for nearly as long. I also have a lot of instability in my upper registers (I'm an alto) and a hoarseness during transitions that wasn't there before. I still sing regularly with my friends, in a casual setting, but I can feel and hear how my voice has changed for the worse and it makes me sad.

Several singers I know have suggested that a vocal coach could help me restabilize and develop my voice around my current issues, so I can make the most of the voice that I have.

Why now? Well, I have a little over a year to improve my voice before a very significant personal event that will require me to sing, and sing well. I'm quite nervous, and I'd like to sound better than I do right now.

Please help me, MeFi!
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I used an online vocal coach (she lives in the boonies of the Santa Cruz mountains) that a friend of mine connected me with. She is trained in singing, but I was using her to develop a more "acceptable" phone voice since everyone hates my voice. We mostly did sessions on Saturday mornings for an hour-ish a few years ago, it was around $1000 for 8 sessions.

I could recommend you to her, but I will warn you though: she is a hippie and since I am one too, some amount of "woo" went on in our sessions. Which was fine for me, but maybe not for you. If you can deal with possible "woo," MeFimail me and I'll give you her name.
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If East Bay includes the other side of the tunnel for you, DVC in Pleasant Hill offers a course called Applied Vocal Training, and I can't recommend this instructor highly enough. I am not sure if she is taking individual students but the class is fantastic and super affordable. Next session starts in January.
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