Are small scratches in new stainless steel appliances normal?
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I just had some stainless steel appliances delivered and I'm inspecting them for damage. I've never had stainless appliances before. There are some very small scratches on our stove front. So small that I don't know if I would have noticed them if I weren't inspecting them. Is that kind of thing unavoidable?

It would be a big hassle to send them back. But I also don't want my fear of the hassle to get in the way of getting what's right. At the same time, I fully expect that it will have some scratches within a month of being installed just because we're going to start using it. The largest scratch is maybe an inch long and clearly not very deep. I bet it would buff out easily if I followed some instruction online.


Zoomed in
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Best answer: There's often protective plastic film on those sorts of parts. Are you sure those aren't just scratches in the film?
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Best answer: We did a big kitchen remodel and got a bunch of stainless steel appliances and none of them had scratches like that. We've been using them hard for a year now and we're not a gentle family (2 small kids and a dog with long nails) and I haven't put any scratches in them yet - I actually wouldn't expect that normal use would result in scratches like that.

I'm not sure whether or not I would have sent things back if I had that happen--honestly, I was pretty burned out by the end of the process and there's a lot of stuff we just decided to live with because I couldn't deal with another delay--but I think you'd be justified in doing so if it bugs you. (On preview, after confirming it's not scratches in the protective film, which did come on all our appliances and was hard to see!)
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Best answer: Yeah, those look like scratches in the protective plastic film -- stainless steel doesn't typically scratch in quite that way.
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Best answer: Agreed, check the film. Our microwave had a film on it that was super hard to see. Eventually it started to look like bubbling under it where the start button was getting pressed, and I was finally able to catch the edge of the film to peel it off.
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Response by poster: Oh I hope hope hope you are right! It felt like metal to the touch, but It IS cold in my garage (where these appliances have to live until the kitchen is finished) so maybe. I'll go back there in a few minutes to see if I didn't notice a film on it.
If it's really a scratch though... is this is a big enough defect that I should talk with the store about it?
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Best answer: IMO yes, if you didn't pay for scratch and dent stock.

Film is usually tinted so it's obvious, but you might still be ok. Scratch against it with your thumbnail. That won't mar actual metal (or even the metal-coated plastic that's common) but will start to peel up a protective film. I'd be surprised if there wasn't one.
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Best answer: I bought our last two appliances from the local Sears scratch and dent outlet. I got a refrigerator and a dishwasher for significantly reduced price with no more than one or two scratches. I forget the exact discount, but both were more than $200 off. So, yes, if the scratch is not in the film, I'd have no qualms about either returning it or demanding a significant cash refund.

FWIW, I believe the scratch is in the film.
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Response by poster: It's a film!!!! 🎆🥳🎉🎊💃
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Now you need to see if the film did its job, or the scratch is deeper.
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Response by poster: I peeled it back where the scratch was, and the scratch went with the film. :-D
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