Best way to get facial creams out of jars?
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My day/night creams and eye cream are all in jars. What is the best way to get the creams out without using my fingers?

I bought a pack of plastic spatulas and am scooping the creams out with them. I then clean them with rubbing alcohol and put them in a plastic jar for future uses. I am getting a bit tired of cleaning all the spatulas.

I used to use Q-tips but I stopped because the cotton would absorb product and cause wastage.

Do you have a better and more efficient system to keep jarred creams from spoilage? I prefer pump tops but some creams just don't come in that format.
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Small stainless steel teaspoon? You can find them at places like World Market for vey little.
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Stainless lab spatula? (Not endorsing Amazon or that particular spatula)
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How large are the jars and how often do you use the same item? You can put them into a pump yourself. They make small soft spatulas for makeup. A refillable airless pump is mostly likely to get you use of as much accessible product rather than a straw style pump.
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I doubt you need to clean the spatulas with alcohol though, couldn't you just wash your spatula/spoon and dry it as part of your regimen?
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Just rinse them off or use a little soap. You dont need to sterilize after each use.
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Additional info: The structure of the creams make repackaging in a pump impossible and the eye cream jar is pretty small. I apply the eye creams twice a day, day cream twice and night cream once. It adds up to a lot of dirty spatulas per day which I get tired of cleaning.

I also have other skincare products in jars such as my aloe vera gel which I apply irregularly which adds to the pile of used spatulas.
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I use my just used toner pad, using the side that did not touch my face to wipe my spatulas.
(my order of facial care is cleanse;tone;serum;creams)
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I don't even clean my little silicone spatulas with soap, I just wipe them quickly with a Kleenex. It takes maybe 2 seconds. I don't know of a better system that isn't wasteful. But if you'd prefer waste to cleaning, you can get something like this or this.
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If you want a hygenic, disposable solution, how about finger cots?
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Not sure how thick were talking here. I'd try a big syringe making it sorta like a tube of toothpaste. Spatula the cream in, you have a plunger to push it out and with a little bit of cutting on the tip, an 1/8" hole and a cap. Then you just squeeze out as much as you need onto a finger or whatnot.

You might even be able to find a toothpaste tube sort of thing where you stuff the cream in and fold over the end and put a clip on it and squeeze it out as you need it.
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Get a set of spoons, demitasse (or souvenir, if you really want to get funky) if you want truly small ones, but even a regular spoon should fit in the tub (and you can use the handle end for a second use). Presumably you wash your hands or take a shower every day or two, you can wash your used ones then, or if you have a dishwasher throw them in with your regular loads.
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I am currently using the kind of plastic scoops linked by brainmouse.

So far I really like Lyn Never's suggestion of a demitasse spoon. Classy.
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Popsicle stick. Tongue depressor.
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Laneige skincare products come with these nifty little reusable silicone applicators. They're quality and have a nice angle to them that makes them ideal for scooping the right amount of product as well as applying it neatly and efficiently. I found a knock-off (looks exactly the same) on Amazon for less than $3 USD. I am not sure of another way to buy them without purchasing a Laneige product.
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Depending on the the product: transfer into squeeze tubes? (I was thinking primarily of the aloe vera gel; mine is packaged in a tube and lives in the fridge.)
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Ok, it seems there is no easy answer to this problem.

nightrecordings: The Laneige silicone applicators knock-offs look really interesting. Will consider ordering them in my next online order.
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