How to coordinate busy people?
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I'm looking for a scheduling website...

I remember seeing a site somewhere before but I absolutely cannot find it. You were able to define a group of people, and then each of those people went to the site and marked when they were free. It would then find out the time when the greatest number of people were able to meet. Anyone know the site I'm talking about? Thanks!
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Best answer: and are a couple of scheduling apps that work in roughly that way. There are one or two more sites that escape me at the moment.
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Basecamp might be what you're after.
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No, Basecamp is a streamlined project manager. Brad's looking for an Evite alternative that lets you say "Hey, you 5 guys, when can we get together for poker?" instead of forcing you to pick a date/time and later find out that nobody else can make it.
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Previously on AskMe. I think Pointment is OTM.
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Also try
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Free solution and very friendly: Meeting Wizard
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Show to read the fine print. Meeting Wizard forces you to pick the time. Pointment looks like the winnah.
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The Goovite Meeting Maker is another one. It lets you suggest several different date/times to attendees.
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