Rooftop restaurants in Wellington, NZ?
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Requesting recommendations of fine dining rooftop restaurants in Wellington, NZ. Hoping for view of Wellington Harbor. Restaurant atop hotel preferred.
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Wellington resident and semi-frequent diner here. I can't think of a single one, though I'm polling my friends and may report back. Wellington can be very windy and inclement and so fine dining is cosy and indoors and ground level, generally. There are some nice places around the harbour/waterfront where depending on seating, you can have a good view. But not rooftop.

There are two rooftop bars that do quite acceptable bar food: and . Both are closed in bad weather, which is more often than you might hope.
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Best answer: Addenda: the Museum Hotel and the Copthorne in Oriental Bay both have top floor, but not rooftop, fine dining restaurants with views, called Hippopotamus and One80 respectively. Also, a plug for Hiakai, which has neither views nor rooftop but is The Current Hotness.
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Another Wellington resident here who looks out the window can confirm the "Wellington can be very windy and inclement" comment. There are certainly no fine-dining rooftop restaurants I'm aware of.

Would also recommend the Hippopotamus at the Museum Hotel. If you can swing the expense, the degustation option with wine-matching is superb.
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What others have said; it’ll be one or the other, but fine dining + rooftop doesn’t exist. The Arborist has a decent rooftop view. Mockingbird (was Basque) has a rooftop with no view.

My current favourite fine dining places are:
* Hippopotamus
* Jardin Grill
* Logan Brown
* Charley Noble
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Response by poster: Thank you one and all. In hindsight, "rooftop" was a misnomer. "Top floor" is more accurate. Will be in Wellington only one night and wanted both dinner and good view. Unfortunately, Hippopotamus is not open on the Monday night we will be in the city.
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Here’s a place that’s open on Mondays and right on the docks. I hadn’t listed Coene’s because it’s casual, but the kitchen is solid and the view is lovely.
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I really enjoyed a meal at One80 about a decade ago when I lived in Wellington. The views were great and the food was fantastic.
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Posting here for Wellingtonians: drove by The Hop Garden and saw that the roof top garden has vines and a glass roof!
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