I want to sit in the tub.
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It's looking like I might just possibly be getting to remodel a bathroom and get the tub of my dreams. You guys are so good at finding things I can't find. Can you help me find the bathtub of my dreams? Even better, do you have experience to share with any of these options?

I went to a tub showroom in a nearby town the other day ("Tubz", for you bay area folks) and what I learned is this: 99% of bathtubs assume you want to lie down in them.

I can't stand lying down in a tub. My boobs float up out of the water and I find myself kind of bracing myself weirdly. (Are all tubs, perhaps, designed by non-boob-having individuals? I have my suspicions.) Anyway, what I want to do is SIT in the tub. Ideally on a little bench. Like in Japanese Ofuro tubs. I want to sit; and be immersed to the top of my shoulders. No shoulders sticking out.

I do not have room or desire for a large water capacity tub. The goal here is to maximize depth while minimizing floor space and water volume.

I've spotted a few options online:

This drop-in one. Water would probably be deep enough; I'm not sure. I like how you sit on a bench with feet down, I think that'd be more comfortable for me than sitting flat on the floor of the tub. My back is fussy. This one is currently the #1 contender but I'm not sure it's quite deep enough.

I sat in this one and loved it but I don't love the octagonal look. If I could find one of this shape and depth, but round, I would be over the moon.

This outfit makes custom wooden ones. They look so beautiful, but I think a drop-in would be better for me so that there'd be room to put a book, candle etc and it would be easier to get in/out...? I also can't tell how much these ones cost, even ballpark. I would extremely love it if anyone here has experience with such an item.
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Have you considered walk-in bathtubs? They're usually marketed to seniors or people with limited mobility. There is that weird door in the tub, but most have the seat you're looking for (and many have whirlpools as well). You may want to try exploring that field.
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You can always build a shelf/platform around your tub for your book and stuff.
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I've looked at the walk in ones but there is no way in the world I will sit in a tub after I'm done until it's all drained, so they're out. Also the look is disqualifying. It's too bad because they look comfy as hell.
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I wonder if you really want a Japanese soaking tub/ ofuro?

Or, someone in my area (Maine, nope for you) posted a free vintage tub. check ReStore to see if they have anything.

I got a deep tub at ReStore, it's good, but I'm sorry I didn't hold out for a nice old porcelain over cast iron clawfoot tub. They turn up on Craigslist for a couple hundred. Comfy.

Whatever you do, insulate the tub so it stays hot longer.
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Did you find these tubs? In particular, this round one might suit you.
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Looks like the tub you sat in, and loved, is made by Neptune (the Nagano model); this similar round (rather than octagonal) drop-in tub is the Neptune Osaka.
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We got basically this tub six years ago. I am 5’10” and have to slouch to get entirely underwater but a shorter person would have more coverage. It is definitely a sitting-up tub and it is wonderful. They have a lot of tubs, just to give you an idea what’s available. Not cheap, but not by any means the most expensive options around...
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This page from the UK has some nice illustrations of various Japanese style soaking tubs in situ.

Traditional Japanese "furo" designs encompass the whole bathroom and are used as part of a bathing ritual :tubs were traditionally made from cedar wood (or similar) and the idea is to clean yourself first and then soak in them. The tubs don't have an overflow fitted - so the ideal setup would be to place them on a tiled floor with a fitted drain - and maybe have a shower somewhere too.
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