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What is this type of handheld shower head connector - and how do I (temporarily) change it to a regular fitting for a fixed shower head? Pic inside.


Landlord said it'd be ok if I change the handheld shower head to a fixed one that I provide (that's I've had for over a decade, bringing it with me every time I moved).

Can't figure out what this type of connector is called, how to unscrew it, and what kind of adapter is required to accommodate a regular shower head.

Bonus question - if it just unscrews, how do I do it with hand tools without scratching up the chrome? I've tried and can't get it to budge with my fingers (if indeed, it's supposed to unscrew).
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I believe you’ll find that under "Wall Elbow for Hand Shower".

They screw on.
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Use a rubber strap wrench to unscrew it without damaging the fitting.
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Here is a pdf of instructions on how to install a similar one from Delta.

If you don't have a strap wrench, you can pad the jaws of a pipe wrench with a strip of leather or similar material so it does not mar the fitting.

Using teflon tape when you install the new pipe/fitting will lessen the chance of it dripping inside the wall.
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You asked what it is. This won't help, but my husband has always called that type of showerhead as a telephone. You have to be old enough to remember telephones when they sat on a table and a curly-cord connected a handset.
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Thanks all!

Yeah, the wall elbow - even if I took it off, I'd have to get an adaptor or something for the regular shower head.

So I got a Waterpik and replaced the telephone handset part of it. That Waterpik, man, that's some nice showering - better than the showerhead I've been moving with me.
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