Help me find this kid's book (series) about a Catholic school girl
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I'm trying to remember a book I read as a kid (sometime in the early '90s, book could be older) about a girl who starts at a new Catholic school and makes two friends: one with a girl whose family are "bad" Catholics and one whose family are "good" Catholics. I think one scene had the main character and one of the friends (not sure which) pretending to be a priest taking confession.

It may have been a series but I can't remember much about it and only read one book. I also remember some description of the nuns as teachers but don't know if they were nice or not. I think the main character was conflicted because she wanted to be pious and possibly save the soul of her friend whose family wasn't "good." Can't remember what made that family "bad" Catholics but I think it was something like eating meat on Fridays.
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Best answer: Oooh, yes, it’s the Kitty series by Judy Delton! I loved these books as a kid!
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Best answer: Kitty from the Start, by Judy Delton?

“A fourth Kitty novel, set earlier than the other three--an unusually well-written, funny and touching story of the life of a young Catholic girl in St. Paul. Kitty is the new girl in Sister Charlene's third-grade at Saint Anthony's, a school she feels is much too different from her old one, Saint James, across town. She makes two friends: Margaret Mary, who follows all the rules, gets straight A's, and goes to Mass every morning; and Eileen, free and easy, who takes risks in school and out. When Kitty is with Margaret Mary, she is concerned with sinning and sainthood; with Eileen, she plays a make-believe game of Confession. Kitty worries that without her these two hugely different people would never have become friends to each other. A sympathetic account of what it's like to be the new girl in school, as well as a child trying to be good and make sense of the world. Sharply observed, with a strong sense of time and place, and a hilarious chapter in which the three girls watch a Betty Grable movie that may or may not be on the legion of Decency A list. Enjoyable--especially for children who like to know what life was like "back then. (Kirkus Reviews, February 15, 1987)”
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Response by poster: THAT’S IT! Damn, you both are good. I thought this one might be hopeless. I remember if being such a weird book and am dying to read it again from an adult’s perspective to figure out why that is! (Probably because I’ve always had an atheist, hedonistic heart despite being raised Catholic.)
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