Trying to remember the name of an East Village NYC gift shop
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Pretty straightforward question, I guess. I’m trying to remember the name of a kind of quirky gift shop in NYC; it closed around 15 years ago, I guess?

This place was definitely in the East Village, and I seem to recall it was on a street, not an Avenue, although I could be wrong about that. It was very similar to Archie McPhee — it sold a lot of novelty items like Magic 8 Balls and Martian popping things and that sort of thing, although perhaps a bit higher end than that. It also had a phrenology head in the window. (I remember because I once asked them, “How much is that phrenology head in the window?”)

It definitely isn’t Love Saves the Day, although I always sort of thought of them together. This wasn’t a vintage store. As I said, I think it closed in the early or mid 2000s sometime. It was kind of similar to the store Alphabet currently on Avenue A, although it had sort of a more bad-old-day East Village vibe to it.

Thanks for any help!
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Reminds me a little bit of Reminiscence but that was on 23rd I think. What a great store that was.
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Might it be Exit 9?
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Best answer: Rickys? On I think A and 1st, or maybe 1st and 1st or 2d? Not Rickys the cosmetics/hair care/Halloween costume place, unconnected.
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Response by poster: Little Ricky’s. That was it. Thank you!

I loved Reminiscence as well. And I still drop in to Exit 9 from time to time.
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Are you sure it was the east village and not WV? Mxyplyzyk was kind of like that and i think it had a phrenology head in the window.

On edit: Never mind! :)
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Response by poster: I guess phrenology heads were a thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Response by poster: Slightly more specifically, looks like it was called Little Rickie, and it was on First and 3d. And that will conclude today’s lesson old Olde New Yorke City.
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I loved that place. It had oddly high-quality insane gift-shop trash things. And a photo booth!
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I was coming in here to say I remembered a place on 1st, just around the corner from the Hells Angel's clubhouse but couldn't remember the name. I have a weird little sculpture from there, bought back in about 1997. Thanks for the memories!
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