In search of business casual style inspiration!
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Could you recommend some fashion blogs, instagram accounts, etc where at least some of the outfits are business casual or more formal work attire? I’m looking for inspiration and am open to accounts / sites featuring people of any gender or size!

I follow a handful of fashion blogs and Instagram accounts, but most of the folks I follow work from home or in very casual settings. My office and industry skews more toward business casual or even formal business attire, and I’m looking for inspiration.

I already read Corporette - what else would I like and who else should I follow? I used to follow lots of fashion blogs and websites +/- 8 years ago, but took a long break, so feel free to recommend “obvious” answers. Thanks so much!
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Best answer: The clothing company M.M. LaFleur has a blog called the M Dash. It’s a company’s blog, so they feature their own fashions, but I love the sense and styling of the brand so look to it for inspiration.
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Best answer: In case you don't get many answers here, the crowd at /r/femalefashionadvice is usually quite helpful with this type of question!
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Best answer: Cotton cashmere cat hair
Putting me together
Blue collar red lipstick
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Best answer: If you look around at The Vivienne Files you'll see many capsule wardrobes related to work that I think fit your bill. Here's one based on black, red, gray and blue.
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Best answer: Perhaps some of the "obvious" ones : Cap Hill Style (which called itself "The Work Edit" for a while) is Corporette-adjacent.

Girls of a Certain Age has a love for blazers, boots and flats that often makes their suggestions fit a business-casual vibe.
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