Non-white futuristic interior aesthetics!
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Please recommend examples of non-White futurist aesthetics (Afrofuturism, Indigenous futurism, etc) - particularly as it relates to interiors!

My earlier question helped remind me that Afrofuturism was a thing - I'd heard about it before, but I just recently did more research and it's pretty much my kind of aesthetic and taste. It also led me to other kinds of non-White futurism movements (Indigenous, Desi, Asian, Latinx). I really appreciate the fusion of culture, tech and modernity, and long-held tradition in ways that celebrates all of it rather than suppress one over another (which, as a South Asian artsy type who is also very future-minded, is something I don't get to see a lot in my circles).

In my quick research, I found a lot of portraits and fashion examples, but not so much anything to do with interiors and architecture. I'd love to see examples of that kind of aesthetic mainly because I'd love to design my own spaces in that style, but it's also just nice to see what a less White perspective on cyberpunk or the future looks like - not just a sea of neon or cold white walls.

I'm also open to suggestions from other aesthetic and artistic movements that hit similar notes - for instance, solarpunk seems to be pretty close.
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SpaceMosque as "subcontinental futurism"
Visual Cultures of Indigenous Futurisms
Dezeen on Afrofuturism

Also, do you know It's a social research network, and often where I will start my research. Here's an example of a channel collecting some futurist work..
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Japanese futurism?

This article mentions Tokujin Yoshioka and Shiro Kuramata as using futuristic aesthetics, but I do think a lot of White Western futurism has been inspired by Japanese minimalism and aesthetics in general.
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I vote for the Johnson Publishing Headquarters in Chicago:
Behind pioneering black architect John Moutoussamy's four walls were offices designed with an exuberant, high-style and fearless mix of a color, texture, art, contemporary furnishings and pattern. Created by interior designers William Raiser/Arthur Elrod, the offices embodied an afrocentric modernism that was well-turned, avant garde and quite hip--a perfect match for publisher John H. Johnson's groundbreaking magazines.
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Project Cybersyn was a Chilean theory-attempt to manage economic systems cybernetically.
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Bodys Isek Kingelez
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I don't know if Fujimori Terunobu is futurist, but his tea houses are at once very traditionally Japanese and fantasties.

The Japanese Metabolist architects like Tange did some futurist ideas, but usually on the larger side and less on the interiors. Kiyonori Kikutake is mostly known for Nakagin Capsule, but the Skyhouse is an actual home. His hotels are pretty wild too.

Yamaguchi Akira takes very traditional art forms into a hybrid futuristic direction with views to the interior..
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This might fit, although it's modernism and not futurism: In A Cloud, In A Wall, In A Chair: Six Modernists in Mexico at Midcentury It's an exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.
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