Mandalorian-Themed Cocktails?
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A group is getting together to watch The Mandalorian. We love having themed cocktails for these gatherings. What should be made?

5 1/2 (!) years ago I posted this question about signature cocktails for a series of Game of Thrones viewing parties.

Now that GoT is over (the seasons got worse but whoa the cocktails got better), we're searching for a new show to fill that void.

We've settled on doing a group watch of The Mandalorian.

I'd love for the tradition of themed cocktails to continue. What would you make?

*PLEASE, NO SHOW SPOILERS IN RECIPES*. Character names are fine, but if we did this for e.g. Empire Strikes Back don't give me a drink called Darth is Luke's Dad.
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I don't have any recipes but you could serve your guests Han Solo in carbonite ice cubes for their drinks.
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There are some SW names with Gin sort of mentioned. Jyn Urso, Qui-Gon Jinn. Pick your favourite gin recipe. You can stretch a point with Gin-go Fett to make it more Mandalorian relevant. Or Bourbon Fett, same thing.

A Shamrocker, is an actual cocktail, so perhaps make it Shamrocketpack?

Turn Hunter's cocktail into Bounty Hunter's cocktail?
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Given that it’s a show about a bounty hunter, maybe drinks with chasers?

Also, if you need food suggestions: Jaegerwürst or salami cacciatore, which are both “hunter style” sausages.
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Jägertee (“hunter tea”) is a spiced rum punch mixed with sweet black tea, served warm. Seems like a good cold weather choice.

A simpler version is the Gunfire, equal parts rum and black tea.
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The show very much has a "Western" vibe to it, so I'd look at drinks inspired by the American Southwest. This Vagabond has a perfect name, and you could change Cortez the Killer to IG-11 the Killer.
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FWIW, the Star Wars Dessert Party at Hollywood Studios features "Galactic Punch, a rum based cocktail with mango syrup and passion fruit juice; the Cosmic Citrus Twist, a vodka based cocktail with watermelon lemonade; the Light Speed Margarita; and finally the Swamp milk, another vodka and melon liqueur concoction." You can also get fun LED "ice cubes".
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