What order should my daughter read the Squirrel Girl books?
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My daughter just discovered Squirrel Girl, and she wants more. She'd like to read them in order, if possible, but my usual sources for such info (Wikipedia, Amazon) aren't working. Is there an ordered list of titles somewhere on the Internet?

I understand that this material started out in comic books, that there are inconsistencies, and that in many ways it doesn't really matter. But it would still be nice to try.

We'll be taking the books out of the library, so ideally I'd get the names of specific titles that I can request. Short of that, any general recommendations would be helpful (e.g. "there's a sub-series where she's a young teenager discovering her powers, then there's another where she goes to college" etc.).

Any help, pointers, suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Thanks, I think I know why I was confused. There is apparently now a Squirrel Girl Novel Book Series that covers her as a teenager. That series only has two volumes (so far at least).
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There's also The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe, a stand-alone graphic novel that fits between 3 and 4 above, according to this site.
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FYI, Goodreads is my go-to for series titles and orders. They're really good like that, including with variation (pub order vs. chronological order).
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I agree with the poster who said that what you really want to focus on is the North books, but for the sake of completionism, here is a chronological list of every Squirrel Girl appearance in the main continuity of Marvel comics from her first appearance in 1991 up to April of 2017.
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Everyone else has this mostly covered, but since the names of these things can get confusing: everything linked above is a softcover/trade paperback edition. These are the ones with the puns in their names.

(I will also second The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe, which is a good idea to read when indicated because later issues do make reference to it.)

There's also a separate release of the series in hardcover format, in which one hardcover volume covers the contents of about two of the trade paperbacks, in addition to being physically larger in size. There are currently four hardcovers out; I don't know if they're planning more, but at their current pace they should be able to fit the whole series in six total, or so I guess. They do NOT, sadly, have the puns in the titles. I mention this solely because if you're trying to request, say, "Volume 3," you're going to get a very different book depending on whether you've grabbed the hardcover or softcover. So the puns should be a good way to distinguish them.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, this is super helpful. I'm going to mark this resolved but if anyone has more to add, please do!
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