How do I make a cushion out of a rug?
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I am the world's least crafty person, so this may be obvious, BUT, I have a much loved kilim rug (damaged in one corner so needs retirement) that I would like to turn into a floor cushion with a bit of stuffing. Who/what terms should I look for to find someone to do this for me? Triple bonus points if you can recommend this sort of service in the UK?
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Best answer: Any local upholsterer will be able to do this. It's exactly the same as making a seat cushion or a sofa cushion and it will be well within their wheelhouse.
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Best answer: Pillow covers are pretty straightforward to make, your local tailor or shoe/bag repair place can probably do it too. Get a pillow insert of the size you want and bring it to the shop with you. Make sure that the insert is small enough that the rug can wrap all the way around, with an inch or two of space on each side for the actual stitching. If you're thinking one of those thinner flat cushions, you might be able to get away with an envelope-style closure aka no zippers aka even simpler to do.
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Response by poster: Thanks both!
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