"Dying is easy, Comedy is hard" - Source?
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What is the origin of the phrase/quote/saying "Dying is easy, comedy is hard?"
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It may have been said by Edmond Gween on his deathbed. However, I didn't find any source that I felt good enough about to link to, so I will leave that to others. Therefore, with no evidence whatsoever, I claim that it was said by Edmond Gween on his deathbed.
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I thought it was Edmund Gwenn. Wikiquote says GB Shaw, but I don't think that's correct.
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my searching matches the above with the most believable example given as this

Yes, it's tough, but not as tough as doing comedy.
When asked if he thought dying was tough.
~~ Edmund Gwenn, actor, d. September 6, 1959
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The phrase is attributed to about a million people, none very convincingly, at least in terms of its origin. In addition to Gwenn and Shaw, I've also seen it attributed to Richard Burbage, Oscar Wilde, etc.
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It appears to have been attributed to multiple actors - George Bernard Shaw, Edmund Kean, (Jack Lemmon visiting) Edmund Gwenn, Edwin Booth (brother of John Wilkes Booth), and Donald Wolfit.
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Was said by Peter O'Toole's character, Alan Swann, in "My Favorite Year," the most underappreciated movie ever.
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"I think Alan Swann is beneath us."
"Of course he's beneath us -- he's an actor."
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Oh my yes that is a great movie - in my all time top ten, but I think OToole cited Edmund Kean for that quote.
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