Preview won't delete pages from a PDF (OS X Mojave 10.14.6)
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I've opened up a PDF of a practice ACT test I got from Prep Scholar here. I want to split it up into the separate test categories, rather than having one single document for the whole test. I opened it in Preview, clicked on a thumbnail of a page I wanted to remove, clicked the delete key -- nothing happened. The "delete" feature from the Edit menu is grayed out. Is the PDF saved in such a way that the user can't edit it? If so, does anyone know a workaround?
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The PDF is probably password protected to prevent editing, etc. Have you tried copying the page and pasting in a new PDF? I doubt that will work, if it’s a protected PDF, though.
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Yes, the files are protected. I opened the first pdf on the page in Adobe Acrobat, and it's a SECURED file. When I tried to delete a page, it prompts me for the password.
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Yes, the PDF is saved so you can't edit it. Yes, there are workarounds but they aren't free. Adobe doesn't make it easy, sorry.
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Oh, I should add: you generally cannot edit a password-protected PDF unless you actually have the password, PLUS the software needed to edit.
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I opened one of the PDFs in Chrome, opened it in Preview via the print menu (File > Print > "Open PDF in Preview") and was able to delete pages and re-save the file as a copy. I'm on a very old version of OS (10.9.5) with an old version of Acrobat Pro installed, so it's possible I'm benefitting from some loophole that has since been closed.
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Try printing, and as in the printer options, hit the PDF button at the bottom left and saving that way. I had no problem doing what you're trying to do.
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You can just print the document from preview to a new PDF with just the pages you want to keep - as General malaise is writing as I type this...
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I’ve used preview to extract select pages from a single pdf or to combine multiple PDFs by printing but selecting save to pdf Instead of a printer.
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