Need iPhone app to listen to MP3s at variable speed and make bookmarks
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Looking for the best app for listening to MP3s of interviews on my iPhone. Requirements inside.

Here’s what I want to be able to do:

1. Play MP3s from the web and from a cloud account (Dropbox or Google Drive).

2. Let me vary the playback speed.

3. Keep my place when I take a break from listening.

4. Let me make bookmarks as I listen
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Audipo might work for you - it will let you open any audio track on your phone and then play it back at variable speeds with the possibility to add bookmarks. Ad-supported with option to upgrade to pro version with a few more features.

Unlike an analogue dictation machine the variations in speed have no effect on pitch.
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Bookmobile will do this, but you may have to change the Media Type to either Podcast or Audiobook for the app to recognize the file. Bookmarks are made automatically but you can change the color and name of them easily. There is a trial for 5 books/60 days and then it is $4, but well worth it.
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