The US immigration border crisis - where to donate?
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In order not to feel so helpless, I want to donate to organizations that are mitigating ICE policy at the border: detention, forced separation, and deaths.

Perhaps legal challenges are the best way, so is the ACLU the best bang for the buck?

Does anyone else have suggestions, please?
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I got some great answers when I asked a similar question last year. I ended up giving to RAICES.
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The MeFi Wiki Get a Lawyer page has an Immigration section that links to a variety of organizations that are responding to ICE policies.

For detention, resources include the Freedom for Immigrants’ National Immigration Detention Bond Fund, which is both fundraising for bond and operating a rapid response National Detention Hotline.

For forced separation, the Vera Institute for Justice offers the Immigrant Connection Project (ICON), which is a resource for parents who have been separated from their children due to the administration’s zero tolerance policy. The Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc. (CLINIC) offers a further list of legal resources for separated families.

The ACLU has produced "Know Your Rights" materials in a variety of languages and their current issues include Immigrants Rights' and Detention, ICE and Border Patrol Abuses, the Road to Citizenship, and Deportation and Due Process.
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RAICES is where I've gone as well
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Immigrant families together. Disclaimer: I am acquainted with the founder. They do good work, though.
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