managing travel receipts for Xledger(is there an app for that??)
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I both tend to lose receipts, and even if I've kept hold of them, fail to hold attention all the way through the tedious xledger entry process to actually get the reimbursement form submitted. Does an app exist where I could snap a photo and QUICKLY code it for easy upload/entry later? Bonus points if it specifically works with xledger!

Versions of this question have been asked before, but I'm hoping that some new apps have been invented since the last (2013) to help make travel receipts management less PAINFUL. I'm not exaggerating when I say pain- as in I will go to great lengths to avoid processing those suckers- including eating travel costs myself. Its completely illogical, irrational, and only getting worse. Can you help?

I both tend to lose receipts, and even if I've kept hold of them, fail to hold attention all the way through the tedious xledger entry process to actually get the reimbursement form submitted. My trips are jam packed, sleep deprived, and meetings last late into the evenings, so there's no way I can sit down and enter the receipts at the end of the day.

Also, as a single parent to a toddler I've had to bring him with me on a few trips... disaster ensues in soaring travel costs, lost receipts, and then when I get home I'm just so relieved to cross the threshold I drop the bags... and glare at the receipts for about a week before I touch them. I know there is a strong element of self governance at play here- its true. I KNOW.

But I'm trying to find hope: can I gamify this? reward myself? find some new app that makes the receipts game a breeze?

I do have windows of opportunity when I've just gotten in a taxi, or am waiting to board, where I could snap a photo and quick code it for easy upload/entry later... but does an app like that exist that would work with x-ledger?

I have downloaded and attempted to enter travel expenses direct on the X-ledger app, but the delays and the tiny buttons for text typing to search on each budget number/code etc, make it _highly_ unlikely that I would ever be able to finish entering a single receipt on that app.

Is there another app which would bridge the gap (specifically to xledger)?

Or do you (not specific to xledger) have a regimen which allows you to take a photo of your receipt AS SOON AS YOU GET IT, and then save it with a specific name (what notation/naming pattern do you use?) which allows you to quickly find/reference/upload that image to an expense report program?

I'm not diagnosed ADD, but often relate to/feel the pain of those post, who are. In searching the archives for solutions to this question, I came across this question from years ago- which felt like it could have been written by me. I guess reading that question I see I'm not alone- but I often can't figure out the devil is what's wrong with me that I often times simply can't do such a straightforward task, or I run into such inexplicable/infuriating hurdles (such as accidently clicking the wrong button and losing many saved entries, or it jumps to a totally different form). The combination of tedium and then my user errors and then informational deviations (which day did I take that taxi again?) etc etc that the task just takes an outlandish amount of time. The more time and pain it takes, the more I procrastinate the next time... and as distance blurs the details of travel the challenge just compounds and compounds.

This issue is something that has plagued me for years. Its making HIGHLY COSTLY problems for me, that are impossible to explain to either my employer or myself. I'd be so grateful if anyone has found a way to make this faster/smoother/less painful. (note: as suggested in one of the prior Askmees hiring a student or something to handle all this for me would be a godsend, but that kind of small task/low cost workforce is not available where I live). Thanks!
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