Finland fun! Difficulty level: cold and rainy November
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We have a couple of weeks in southern Finland. Most of the recommendations on here have been for summer. We are looking for recommendations for November. What are your top tips?
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First of all, rednikki , you should be aware that the Finns have prepared a banner just for you.

VisitFinland were responsible, I believe, and they offer a good place to start. RentAFinn I'd suggest!
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I take it you haven't been to Finland previously. Suomenlinna is an absolute must, no matter what. I've been there on a foggy Helsinki December morning and it was still beautiful.
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Visiting a sauna in November is an obvious choice, but I'd also recommend looking for swimming halls. They're very popular and a nice respite from the cold and dark.
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Thanks y'all! I should have noted that I've dug deep into the VisitFinland website. For anyone who comes across this in future, RentAFinn is a summer contest that requires an application process; only the winners get to rent a Finn.
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