Anyone has experience with the minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery?
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Hi all, I'm curious to your experience if you've had the new style, minimally invasive hallux surgery, Percutaneous Bunionectomy, where they make several small incisions instead of 1 to 2 large ones? If yes, what was your recovery like, do you have loss of mobility, and overal, are you satisfied with the results?

I'm at the stage where i can only wear extra wide sneakers, but i'm also a casual runner ( and would like to stay one, as it's the only form of exercise i actually enjoy/stick to). I'm 35 if it matters.
I'm considering my surgery options, taking into account that i live in a 5th floor walkup, and also work for myself, so extensive down-time would be very expensive.
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you might check patientslikeme ?
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Haven’t myself, but have another resource recommendation: I’m in a Facebook group called “I Survived a Bunionectomy” that is very active. I did a quick search of ‘percutaneous’ and found a lot of posts by people who had that type of surgery.
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