Help Identify (indie?) Card Game Like Set + Memory
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This year at XOXO Fest I played a card game that had elements similar to Set and a basic memory game. You placed square cards upside down and then took turns either viewing, flipping, or sliding cards IIRC. The object was to make a set of cards in a row.

I believe you could play with 2+ players, and the number of cards you laid out depended on the number of players. Each card had a different small symbol in a different color. I don't remember any of the symbols or what may have been on the backs of the cards- I think they were mostly white, and the symbols were rather small. When I played with one other person we laid out a 3 x 3 grid, and the object was to make a set of three cards in a line. It's not one of the "official" tabletop games in the XOXO 2019 program, this was a game left out on a table outside the tent. I'm hoping it rings a bell for someone!
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I was just reading about Telepathic which seems similar.
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It was Peek & Push by Matthew Sission! (I went to the source and asked your question in the #tabletop channel of the XOXO slack!)
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That's it! Thanks Secretariat! And LobsterMitten, that game looks fun too, may get it as well. :)
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