Soft Skills courses for introverts
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What are some great "soft skills" management courses (especially geared to deep introverts, socially anxious, low EQ type people) that I can ask my job to pay for?
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I've been eyeing Paul Ekman's workshops on microexpressions. Ekman was featured in Malcolm Gladwell's Blink for his work in marital counseling (short version: micro-expressions could predict impending divorce with startling accuracy, no matter what the couple was actually discussing). A fictionalized crime solving version of his micro-expression expert came to TV in the form of Tim Roth's character on Lie to Me.

Anyway, Ekman has been doing courses for years on how to read people's masked emotions via impossible to hide microexpressions. That site also has cheaper online courses, that frankly, I am half skeptical of... even as I continue to hope to attend a live session.
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Odds are this is not geographically applicable to you, but I would check out local business schools for extension classes/seminars (UW Foster School of Business Soft Skills Seminar)
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