Warm Me Up in the Twin Cities
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A few months ago I relocated to the Twin Cities area. Suddenly it is unseasonably cold. I think I need a new coat sooner rather than later.

I am using an old Army coat that, while quite warm, is really, really heavy. I need a lighter coat, clearly.

I'm looking for an everyday coat, probably reaching mid thigh.

I am a woman.

Difficulty level:

A) I am allergic to down.
B) I need a 1X or 2X

I would prefer a brick and mortar store, so I can try things on, but am open to online sources with an easy return process.

Please recommend stores, brands, or even particular coats.
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Also - price range up to $300.

Temperature ratings are a bonus.
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Macy’s has a billion coats. So does Marshalls. I think you’d find some good options at those stores.
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Marshalls extra credit: the one in Minnetonka (next to Ridgedale) has the really nice stuff.
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If you strike out at bricks and mortar stores, Lands End is having a 50% off sale right now and their coats are warm and durable. They’re sized generously and have temperature ratings.
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There's a Lands End brick and mortar store off Hopkins Crossroad. I'm a dude, but they have larger sizes and even talls for me.
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As a neighbor, I'd suggest making that a "definitely" on mid-thigh. I passed on it for my primary coat because I didn't love the silhouette options but I regret it.
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Thirding Lands End. I live in a cold, snowy place and I’ve got Lands End coats so warm that I don’t even feel the cold most of the time. I recommend this one.
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I'm a guy, and yeah it's been a touch chilly lately lol. Where did fall go? I have a mid-thigh LL Bean coat which is the lightest winter coat I've had my entire life. It is mail order though, but great service. If it's below zero I throw on a Helly Hanson vest I've owned for decades, as well.

I only wear a hat or gloves if I'm going to be outside for more than 10 minutes or so. Not worth the effort for me. But my new boss just relocated from the Minneapolis area, and she does wear gloves. Sorta.
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Nthing Lands End in general, but for a plus-size coat I'd order online -- the store mentioned above by sanka doesn't have a very big plus-size section. I wear a 2X myself, I wear a lot of Lands End clothing, and I've always been disappointed with the selection in the Minnetonka store. When I order from them online, my order typically arrives within a week; I think I've had it arrive as soon as 4 days after ordering, and that's without opting for express shipping.
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I just recently moved to Minneapolis from California and I’ve been doing okay layering with lighter jackets plus leather gloves. This solution has worked well enough for me that I haven’t stopped my almost daily 45 minute walks for exercise. I think the walks outside have helped me make the adjustment from California to Minnesota. In my opinion the answer to your question is partly a matter of preference as I’ve met many Minnesotans who prefer the thick jacket solution rather than the many smaller layers I use. I got my jackets at REI, Kohl’s, and Target.
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*Midwest Mountaineering* on the West Bank. They sell high quality stuff--tending more technical than you may want, but it will keep you warm. Staffers very knowledgeable. Check the discount section on the 2nd floor too.
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Another vote for the Lands End Squall Parka...I bought mine in 2003 and the thing just won't die. I'm in New England and my only regret us that I didn't select the extra warm lining at purchase. Not sure if that's still an option but I'll add that if I ever have to buy another one.
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it will get far colder and you will want something that goes to your calves. look for something with primaloft synthetic down.
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Hello, new Minnesotan! We did seem to go straight from Halloween to winter, and I apologize on behalf of our fine state.

I don't know what their outerwear selection looks like at the moment, but I've found that trying on things at Cake is a great way to figure out what sizes work for me across brands, which leads to less frustrating experiences shopping online. (This would also be a great excuse to go to Cake, which is totally rad!)

I'm in the market for a new winter coat myself, though, and have my eye on Universal Standard's Kanda Puffer. They have easy returns but also have great detailed measurements, and sometimes a "see it in your size" feature (which I don't see on this coat's page, annoyingly).

My "nuclear option" coat for when the temperatures are truly stupid is a hideous Columbia parka that is warm but truly a last resort for double-digit below-zero days. I found their sizing to be accurate. I also just saw some really cute coats at Target, and my local newly remodeled store has wonderful new fitting rooms!
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Burlington Coat Factory is another source.
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