Car rental in Cozumel vs Scooter rental
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Going to Cozumel for a week — do I rent a car the whole time or could I get by with a scooter the whole time for exploring the island?

I love riding scooters on vacation, but I've never been to Cozumel and don't know what the driving is like. I also realize that from, say, the airport to southern part of the island is 40 minutes and throughout the week I'll probably be driving all over... so maybe a scooter isn't practical? I basically want to explore difference places each day, do some snorkeling etc. Just curious.
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Nah, a scooter is fine. Most of the locals have scooters, honestly. I there for 3 months and rented a motorcycle and it was great.
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It was 20 years ago but a scooter was great. Not much traffic and dead flat.
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All the traffic is around the ferry dock and cruise ship piers. Outside of those 10 blocks it's empty roads. I have many fond memories of whipping down the ocean side road for miles without seeing another car.

Pro tip, the rental helmets there are just caps, unless you buy a full face mask one. If you dont want to buy one, get some protective glasses and wear them or your dusk rides will involve insects in your teeth and eyes.

PM me for secret snorkel spots
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Cozumel isn't that big, and a scooter is just right for the trip across the island to the nearly-deserted and rocky eastern beaches. Along the way are some fascinating ruins to investigate.
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Mrs. TheCoug rented a Jeep in Cozumel, and drove it around the jungle. She still talks about it, I think it was a serious highlight.
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