Office food vendors question
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A lot of co-working spaces offer healthy snacks, coffee, etc. for sale. Example here. We are looking for a vendor who will install and operate a vending arrangement similar to this (not vending MACHINES, something similar to the video posted) in our building in New York City. I am having trouble locating any companies that operate like this; does such a thing exist?
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I have a Stockwell in my apartment building.
posted by invisible ink at 12:48 PM on November 8, 2019

My office has one from Canteen Vending.
posted by acidic at 1:44 PM on November 8, 2019

These things are often called micro markets or micromarts, if that helps you search for a vendor.
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Oh My Green is one. Byte is another but I'm not sure if they're in NYC yet.
posted by pinochiette at 3:07 PM on November 8, 2019

Our office has one by 365 Retail Markets.
posted by neilbert at 8:03 PM on November 8, 2019

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