How do we remove these brackets?
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We’re taking down some curtain rods, and can’t figure out how to remove the brackets that were holding them. Here’s a photo of the whole bracket and a photo of the top, which is the only clue to its attachment. All other edges are flush with the wall. Tugging in any direction (up/down/left/right/out) is doing nothing to dislodge it. How do we get these things off?
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Try using a hammer to gently tap upwards on the bottom. There are probably two screws that are in slots to hold the bracket in place. This PDF may help.
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I'd guess they have keyhole brackets on the back so I second tapping them from the bottom.
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Yeah, my guess is that someone applied something to the wall and then slid on the larger wood part you are seeing.
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Yeah, probably keyhole brackets. This is probably what the back looks like.
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You can probably tell what's going on with these by taking some Glide dental floss and working it between the wall and bracket all around the edges of the bracket.

I'm guessing everybody else is right about the keyhole mounting, and that should become clear from how far you can move the floss through, but the floss will also help separate the bracket from the wall if time and paint have glued it in place — and it might help to try to work a thin metal spatula between wall and bracket all the way around if you have one.
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Success! Thank you everyone! My sister (whose house this is) is very grateful.
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For future reference a mallet is preferable to a hammer for this sort of thing, less damage and more control.
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For even more control, put something against the bottom and tap that with the hammer. I tend to use a wooden dowel and I hold the end I'm hitting away from the wall by about three inches.
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