Doctor Recommendations for East Bay
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I've just moved to the San Francisco East Bay area and I need a good doctor. And a good mental health care practitioner.

I've just moved to the San Francisco East Bay area and I need a good doctor. Does anybody have recommendations for a doctor they think is smart, thorough, and friendly? I have a whole laundry list of previously ignored problems that I want to address now, and I would prefer not to just step into some random patient-mill.

I would also like to look into mental health treatment in this area (depression), if you have recommendations there, also.

I'm in Pleasanton, and I would consider any strong recommendations within a 30 minute radius.
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I found my doctor (whom I love, but it's a women's-only practice) through the Berkeley Parents' Network. They have lots of thoughtful recommendations for various services throughout the Bay area.
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About 10 yrs ago I saw a marvelous therapist there (near Rockridge BART) named Sarah Ashton for depression - changed my life. I have no idea if she's practicing still. I found her thru a referral service called the Rebis Project - again, no clue if it still exists, but it hooked up new therapists with clients who couldn't afford to pay a lot, which was definitely me at the time. They did a decent phone screening which helped them pick a good recommendation for me.
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I've been happy with Dr. Gjeltema and Dr. Birnbaum at Albany Family Practice.
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Seconding occhiblu's suggestion of the Berkeley Parents Network. Don't be put off by the "Parents" part- it's a great resource for all sorts of East Bay needs.
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I moved to LA and out from under the care of Dr. Jag Khaira in Alameda - I do miss him so...
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Dandy Randy - what kind of care?
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Sorry, DandyRandy, that looks more impertinent than I meant. What I meant was, what kind of Dr was he/she?
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Do you need any specialists? I can recommend optomotrist, dentist, physical therapist, dermatologist.
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