Where should I buy couch cushion foam replacements?
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My couch is about 10 years old, and while structurally sound, the foam is noticeably less supportive than it used to be. How should I go about replacing it?

A quick google yields several online options like FoamOrder and Foam Factory. Have any MeFites had experience with them? Or, if there any any good local options in the Seattle area, it might be nice to try out different options first-hand and make sure I don't mess up the measuring process.
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I used Foam Order when they still had a store in San Francisco and the quality was good (and because they had foam that *didn't* have flame retardants, which was hard to find elsewhere at the time). But I went there because I wanted to try sitting on samples first. There should be multiple local options- Yelp recommends a place called Friendly Foam Shop that has a couple of locations.
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My first stop would be Pacific Fabrics (I like the one in SODO) to look at their foam selection. I've never tried to do any proper upholstery but I had a grand time poking and prodding everything before buying a chunk for a DIY footstool. Call them to ask about their stock if a store is out of your way - they do have different inventory in different locations and change over time.
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I looked at foam options for my 10-year-old couch, and then ended up just repurposing a memory foam mattress topper that I cut to size and placed on top of the sagging foam inside the covers. It's made the cushions notably heavier when I lift them to vacuum or whatever, but otherwise it's been a pretty comfortable and cheap solution!
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Home Depot
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Friendly Foam Shop has been around for years and years, they used to be in the u-district and you'd always hear stories from people about getting foam for all sorts of projects.
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Seconding the Friendly Foam Shop. I've bought a few things there.
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