Gift for 9 year old cat lover
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My daughter's friend is turning nine. According to her mom, she likes "anything cat. Toys, books, clothes, you name it." This somehow does not help narrow it down at all! Please help!

She enjoys all the things one might expect for her age. She's crafty, likes lego, games, and books.
She naturally owns a lot of cat themed stuff already. She liked the musical and the book.
She does not own an actual cat (sadly).

Thank you!
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Well, there's the Cat Sticker Club, which will mail her a sticker a month for as long as you subscribe.
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My cat loving son, about the same age, has long desired this Japanese cat pencil case.
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Kitty hand puppets?
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You could get her a cat-decorated journal and a cat pen to write in it with -- she's exactly the right age to start a diary.

(Pro tip: diaries are only cool if they lock.)
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Hydra77, that's a great idea! Unfortunately, we live in Europe so anything American that I can't get via amazon will be difficult.
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all things kliban. i loved the kliban cats as a kid, and still do as an old!
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My seven-year-old cat-loving Lego-obsessed bookworm daughter thinks this is the funniest book ever written.
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I came here to post the same link saladin did. My nine-year-old cat-lover thought it was the height of wit.
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If she doesn't have exploding kittens, it's pretty funny and she's at the right age for it.
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A hoodie with cat ears? This one is probably U.S. based but I imagine you can find something similar closer. Does she have a cat? I sent my niece a cat toy for her cat along with her main gift and she seems to like that as much as the main present.
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How about a coloring book or drawing book by Twitter star IAmMoshow the Cat Rapper?

Or the new kids’ book from cat rescuer The Kitten Lady?
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Unfortunately, we live in Europe so anything American that I can't get via amazon will be difficult.

Brilliant UK kitty pens and European kitty stationary and journals.
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I found the same black cat case at a European shop. It's about 16 euros plus shipping, probably from NL.
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Pusheen stuffies, dude!! Also, I Am Pusheen the Cat.
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When I was that age I adored these encyclopedias. Or how about a calendar with pictures of cats and/or kittens? (These suggestions may be too analog for today's kids, I realize.)
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My 9 year old cat lover is DEEPLY into the Warriors series, about cat tribes calling humans Twolegs and stuff like that. There are a bunch of them so even if she’s started the series you should be able to get one she hasn’t read yet.
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The Cat Lady card game is cute and quite fun, if she's into such things!
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Do you have a local (or national) humane society where you can sponsor a cat?

My local one has a program where you sponsor a specific cat (meaning you donate money for food, etc) and in return you get a nice note from the cat with a photo.

For a little more, you can get your name on the wall of the cat room.
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Maybe a mug like this with a cat hidden inside for hot chocolate...with a nice quality hot chocolate mix. It would be fun if her parent(s) served it full already and the cat was a surprise.

Cute cat pens

Lego-like set of 2 cats

Puzzle game, like tanagrams, but with cat pieces: Cat Stax

Another game: Cat Crimes

Find the Cat book

Cat Bank that steals coins
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The Breaking Cat News books.

There's a Cat Encyclopedia book too.

Anything related to the cats in Kiki's Delivery Service.

H&M always has tons of cute cat-themed clothes.

Source: she sounds like my kiddo.
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Bad kitty book series ?
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My daughter loves maneki-neko a.k.a. lucky cat figurines. Lots of different styles & sizes available.
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A girl here at work loves cats as well. Last year I got her a piggy bank from Amazon - its'a cat poking it's head out of a box and stealing the coin. It's the cutest thing and there's several versions available. Just search "cat stealing coin".

My son is 8, and my parents got him a Godzilla one recently. He went bananas over it, so I know someone her age who liked the concept as well.

Also, notebooks/pens/book bags and things like that girls her age are really into.
Oh, and those cat ear headbands I am seeing everywhere!
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The cat sticker subscription does deliver to the UK - don't know about the rest of Europe.
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I bought the book because I think she'll find it very funny indeed. And I got her a pair of cat bed socks along with it.

But this thread is great, thank you for the super suggestions!
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