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I last had an Ektorp 3 seater couch purchased in 2005, before they came disassembled. You literally walked out with a couch. My understanding is that now they come disassembled, with a base, back, and arms. I LOVED that Ektorp. Do the "new" ones hold up as well? Are they as comfortable? I'm looking at the 3.5 seater, and it's at the way high end of my price rage, but I don't want to get it if they aren't as comfortable as they used to be.
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My sister got the Ektorp loveseat 3 years ago, and it's dangerously comfortable. Everytime I go and visit her I'll sit on that damn couch and I almost always fall asleep. Like, I'd consider replacing my bed with this thing kind of comfortable lol.

So yeah, it's still good (though I don't have experience with the older model).
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We have a 3 seater, while its comfortable, it hasn't held up well*. But I do have 2 large teenage boys. Its 2-3 years.

*Held up well- the frame seems to be separating from arms. The cushions and cover are ok.
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I have one that I bought in 2014, I am often told it is very comfortable and I sleep on it a few times a week (both involuntarily and on purpose, sometimes for the whole night). Mine is quite solid but it mostly sees sedate adults and the occasional lightweight toddler. It did come flat packed; I could not have gotten it into my apartment otherwise.
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I am sitting on one right now. I sit on it every day and have for the last 5 years. I take naps on it. My cats like it. Success.
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We had an old one that we replaced with a new one... There's definitely a noticeable difference in how it's held up, but also it's still very comfortable!
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I am a fan of my Ektorp; it was listed as one of the "best budget couches" around the time I was looking for a couch. I have the 3-seater and I bought it in late 2013. Based on advice from the internet to increase durability, I used wood glue on all wood surfaces that connected against each other when I put it together. The cushions have softened a little over the years, but it is still really comfortable, solid, and has survived two moves so far without issue I'm very glad I purchased it. I don't know if the equality has changed in recent years, but I would hesitate to buy it again if I it hasn't.
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