Custom vinyl wall decal printing for work logo
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Hi all, my job just designed a swanky new logo and we'd like to stick it up on the wall outside our office. Probably something around 3 feet long by 2 feet high, with color (not black and white). I found a few options online for custom vinyl decal printing -- does anyone have any specific recommendations or stay-away-froms?

Must-haves: color, high-quality printing, do-able within 30 days, custom upload of logo, not going to gradually fall away from the wall after a few years
Nice-to-haves: Removeable without ruining the paint
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We used Vinyl Disorder for a mixture of logo graphics on windows and walls-- affordable and quick.
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When you say, "the wall outside our office," I'm assuming you mean an interior wall, not an exterior wall. Is that correct?

Next, a few questions:
1: What is the surface finish of the wall? Smooth, or bumpy?
2: How many colors is the logo?
3: Is the logo vector art, or an image?

If the answers are...
1: Smooth like glass to smooth-ish like sheetrock or plaster
2: 1 to 3 colors
3: Available as vector art can do cut vinyl. Contact a local professional sign shop (not a Quik-Print service bureau) and tell them you want a cut vinyl logo applied to a wall. You'll need to send them your logo vector art--it's either an .AI or an .EPS file--and tell them you want the logo 3' W at its longest points.

Next, you'll specify the vinyl colors for the logo. The machine cuts the art from a roll of colored vinyl, so each color is a separate roll loaded into the machine. The sign fabricator will understand this as long as you give them the appropriate direction. For example, the Metafilter logo would be sent as one vector file and called out as,

Filename: Metafilter_logo.eps
Finished size: Approximately 36"w
Blue "Meta" letters: vinyl to match PMS XXX (you'll need to provide this color)
Yellow "Filter" letters: vinyl to match PMS XXX (you'll need to provide this color)

The fabricator will size the art, cut the vinyl, and apply it directly to the wall. The result will look like the logo has been painted on the wall. Vinyl is durable, inexpensive, and has a long lifespan. The turnaround on a project like this is usually a week to ten days, depending on the installer's schedule. Feel free to Mefi-mail me if you need further help or referrals in your area.
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Yes, interior wall! It is painted with an eggshell / semi-flat paint. Logo is 2-3 colors (light blue, orange, black). Not sure if vector but high resolution.
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If the wall is painted white or off-white, then yes, I'd go with the cut-vinyl option. A few more notes:

1: Vinyl is durable, inexpensive, and has a long lifespan--it's also easy to remove from the wall.

2: Your logo designer should have provided you with a vector (.ai or .eps file) version of the logo. If they didn't, ask them for it.

Again, feel free to Mefi-mail me with questions!
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I will add that you don't want to "do it yourself" it is trickier than you might imagine. Use a full-service local company who will come do the installation for you.
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