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I'm looking for a todo app with a difference. I want a list (or ideally multiple lists) where I can input a list of tasks and when one has been done it goes to the bottom of the list.

Most apps I've seen have specific frequencies eg. daily, weekly, monthly. I just want to put in list of things that need doing on a "regular" basis and then as they get done they go to the bottom of the list so the item at the top of the list is the one that hasn't been done for the longest time.
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Days Since Pro has a "days since" function which will let you put in tasks without a specified frequency time frame. It then sorts the completed tasks by ascending date completed. The most recently done ones fall to the bottom of the list (because they have the smallest days since number).

I know for sure this is an Android app but don't know if there's an iOS version.
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Paperless can pretty much do this. You check off things and they go to a "checked off" section at the bottom. When they're all checked off, you can hit "uncheck all" and they'll be restored again, in the same order you checked them off in.
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I love the to-do app Clear. It's got a unique navigation system - no buttons, but instead just contract and expand. Once you get used to that system, it's a dream.

For each to-do item, you can swipe left to delete or swipe right to mark it with a strike-through and IT MOVES TO THE BOTTOM. You can swipe it back to the right to revive it (but it stays at the bottom until something else goes below it, or until you drag it to a different position). I think Clear might only be available for iOS. It rocks.
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