Trying to find short CG movie with chromed robots being carnal in slow motion
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Short movie hunt: Looking for this 2001-2002 era short CG film with excessively chromed out robots getting dirty to a soundtrack with detroit grand pubahs.

Yeah so it's a bit silly but I've been trying for ages to find this short film that was circulating on the web. It had highly chromed out robots engaging in comic sex acts all in slow motion to a soundtrack of booty house and techno. I remember that Detroit Grand Pubah's sandwhiches was on the soundtrack.
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It's not this Bjork video is it?
posted by driveler at 10:56 AM on March 7, 2006

Response by poster: Hey, naw great video. But this was not a big production, probably made by a few CG guys for fun. All I remember is the robots were all built like sumor wrestlers and had huge grins on their faces while they were... you know.
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I'm hoping that somebody's got this video... Cause that's a great fucking song! Help me obi-won-ken-aski, you're my only hope!
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Response by poster: Yeah it was bloody hilarious, I searched for hours last week and again today and just can't seem to find it. I thought I read about it on slashdot or milk and cookies but I'm not sure. It was circa 2002 I believe.
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