Update Calendar Invites in Bulk?
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Is is possible to update multiple Outlook calendar invites at once OR create Outlook invites in bulk via a mail merge kind of action?

Here's the deal. For work I need to send out multiple calendar invites at a time (sometimes 30 different meetings in a week). The invitations contain mostly the same information (subject line, location, body of the email), but sometimes they vary a little (for example, attendees might be different).

Sometimes I have to update all of the invitations after I've already sent them. This is a manual process and is very time consuming.

Is there a way to make this process easier? Can I create an Excel doc that contains the list of attendees, subject line, body of the invite and then create the invites based on that list? Basically I'm thinking something like Mail Merge, but for Outlook invites.

My preferred solution would be free and easy to use (no coding required), but I'd be willing to look into a paid tool or else doing some minor Outlook coding (VBAs or macros?) if the directions are extremely clear (I am not a coder). Thanks!
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I've looked for a solution to this problem and haven't found one.
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