Can You Recommend A Fun Trivia Night in PDX on Tuesdays or Wednesdays?
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I'm looking for some fun bar trivia for peeps who are pretty particular about bar trivia.

I’ll be in Portland, Oregon, with a few friends, and we’re looking for a pub quiz on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

We tend to the poppy/theater-y/geeky and not as much sporty. Ideally the questions would be clever, not just the kind of “what movie won best picture in 1999” looker-uppers. If you’ve ever been to The Globe Pub in Chicago for trivia, that’s the best of the best in our book.

We’re not looking for a show-specific thing (“Gilmore Girls Trivia Night”), but something pop culture specific is fine. Voice-y and interesting better than questions-from-a-script-database. Bonus points for a venue with unusual beers, but regular old dive is great, too.

(Yes, I have googled this, but most of the coverage seems to just list trivia nights, not assess their fun-ness...)
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I can't recommend a specific venue, but Geeks Who Drink is a Colorado-based bar trivia company that has since gone national, including to Portland. Quizzes are usually 75% pop culture and 25% academic. Sports questions are mercifully occasional. The questions tend to be witty and not just "looker-uppers" (good phrase!) It looks like GWD has Portland quizzes on both Tuesday and Wednesday.
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A few years ago I visited my sister in Portland and she took me to a night by Shanrock's Triviology. It was good, not at all sporty and the questions felt well curated. I don't remember the name of the venue but from their website it looks like they run a few on Tuesday or Wednesday.
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Wednesdays at 7pm is Quizzizzippi at Mississippi Pizza. It's really fun and sounds like it would align with what you're looking for.
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I belong to an online trivia league that has a page that lists trivia hosted by members. They're not all guaranteed to be excellent, but Bridgetown Trivia is a member-hosted group and they do nights all over Portland. It looks to be more fun than cutthroat. The GWD night on Weds also looks like a really good bet.
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(For the record, we went to Quizzizzippi, and we won! It was exactly what we wanted.)
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