Route audio on Mac differently based on location (or a switch)
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I'm producing music, so at home I have a USB-connected audio interface through which I route all of my audio. When I have my laptop on the road, I need my audio switched around so that it comes out of the built-in speakers. I'm tired of having to go into sound options and switch this back and forth every time I plug in. Is there a software / MacOS built-in solution to either be able to detect when the audio interface has been plugged in and switch, or to create a hotkey or something to switch between audio configurations?
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If you option-click on the volume icon on the menu bar (you may need to have this set to display if it doesn't already, which is in the options menu), all your audio inputs and outputs will be visible and you can select them from there. Not quite hotkey-quick, but quicker than going straight to settings.
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Hmmm, maybe check Rogue Amoeba's software: Airfoil and/or SoundSource?
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I don't even have to option-click on the Volume icon -- just clicking on it shows the volume, and then, within a second or two, the sources I can choose.

That having been said, you could try this AppleScript, inserting the names of the two devices you're toggling between.
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Check out ControlPlane. This can apply numerous changes to your configuration based on your current "context", and context can be determined by a bunch of different cues, such as what network you're on, what devices are attached, etc.
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