Backing Up MacBook Air to external hard drive... How?
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I would like to back up my new MacBook Air to an external hard drive, but have no idea how to configure this...

I have a new MacBook Air. I have an external 8TB hard drive that has a USB connection. How do I do this without a USB?

Is there some other adapter that I use through the power plug? Do I need to interface it with one of the other computers (see below) over WIFI and do it that way? Is there some secret external hard drive WIFI connection that I don't know about?

Please explain how I can make this happen like I am an idiot - which I may very well be - because I can't seem to find anything online except generic backup advice.

I have a 2015 MacBook Pro and a 2010 iMac as well as a couple of iPhones if any of that is useful at all.
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Yes, you can buy an adapter that has a usb port on it. Amazon has several types, most of them have a variety of ports.
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The "power plug" you refer to is a USB-C connector. You can buy (from Apple or elsewhere) a USB-C to USB-A adapter, which will allow you to plug your hard disc in and back up using Time Machine as normal.
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Specifically, one of these will do the job:

You can probably find cheaper ones on Amazon or similar.
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Thanks, everybody! I thought there had to be something I was missing and that the power plug is a USB-C is exactly it. Perfect. Done and dusted.
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Another thing you'll want is software to do the backup. Apple's TIme Machine is great for backing up your documents and things, but an application like SuperDuper lets you do a complete clone of your entire MacBook Air hard drive that you can boot from if you need to. Every week, I do a SuperDuper clone of my MacBook Pro's hard drive, just in case, and do incremental backups of my files with Time Machine onto a different drive.

(Also, look into a cloud backup solution as well. If you don't have at least one off-site backup of your stuff, you don't really have a backup. I like Backblaze.)
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Carbon Copy Cloner is similar to SuperDuper!, costs a bit more, and generally releases updates anticipating the current Mac OS release cycle before Apple releases the new OS. Either program is awesome, though.
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I've been a longtime user of both TimeMachine and SuperDuper, and heartily endorse both.

But use them on different drives.

Also & anecdotally, while there almost certainly do exist USB-C adapters from other parties, my sense is that people are far less likely to have trouble if they just buy the one at Apple.
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