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Where can I directly download the transcripts of the impeachment witness testimony in the House? Scribd demands I log in and the other couple places I saw had embedded document windows on their web pages, no way to download them to read on my own time.

Where can I just get a download of the documents? Extra points if the place you point me to has links to all the important documents regarding Trump and everything going on, i.e. also the statements the witnesses prepublished to the public before their testimony last week, and future transcripts when they come out. I thought it would be easy to find this information but it's proving difficult for me, thank you!
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Go straight to the source.
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Response by poster: That's a good start. Now is there anywhere collecting all the stuff to read, including the transcripts, the statements released by the witnesses before their testimony, etc., all in one place?
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Best answer: This was just posted to the impeachment thread (thanks, MonkeyToes!):

Public Document Clearinghouse: Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry

Looks like exactly what you want.

Also a Huge Fan of Official Documents I Don't Have to Log In For
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Response by poster: That is perfect kristi, thank you!
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You may also appreciate: We Read All 3,504 Pages of Ukraine Testimony So You Don’t Have To (Lawfare)
To make these voluminous pages more digestible, Lawfare contributors have summarized each of the released 13 deposition transcripts. We have published summaries of 11, and will publish the remaining summaries as they are ready. The summaries are available below and include links to the relevant deposition transcripts* [...] We will add more summaries as they are available.
* The transcripts are published as pdfs and can be downloaded.
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