Help me translate this cup's contents from Japanese
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Found these photos on the internet and somebody told me they mention some health tips for life. Can you help me out to translate them? Each photo has a different set of "rules". Thanks!
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This is a famous set of rules authored by Fukuzawa Yukichi, one of the most famous intellectuals of 19th century Japan, an "author, writer, teacher, translator, entrepreneur, journalist, and leader who founded Keio University."

Here's one translation.
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Best answer: The site I found them on (Japanese) says they were written by Yokoi Yayu (横井 也有) during the Edo Period, but I'm seeing conflicting information elsewhere so... anyway. Here's my translation of the cup itself with the explanations included:

"Ten Lessons for Health" (健康十訓)

1. Less meat, more vegetables (Explanation follows on the cup, but this is self explanatory)
2. Less salt, more vinegar (Same)
3. Less sugar, more fruit (Same)
4. Less food, more teeth (Don't eat until you're completely full, and chew well)
5. Less clothes, more bathing (Avoid lots of thick clothes, and instead take baths often)
6. Less words, more actions (Act on things more without complaint)
7. Less greed, more giving (Put aside your own desires and instead help those around you)
8. Less worries, more sleep (Sleep a lot without being overwhelmed by worry)
9. Less vehicles (cars), more walking (Walk with your own legs more often instead of taking cars all the time)
10. Less anger, more laughing (Laugh cheerfully without getting angry)
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